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School Report Cards Out

Each year the Oregon Department of Education issues report cards for every public school and school district in Oregon. This year ODE redesigned the school report cards, which are available online now.


Separate report cards were provided for each district and school The district’s report card encompasses all schools in the district, including charter schools.

The report cards include a two-page “At-a-Glance” profile which provides information on 2018 state test performance, 2017 graduation rates, student and teacher demographics, attendance, school programs and more. The goal of the new format is to share information that is meaningful and accessible to parents, families and the broader school community.

In addition to the new design, district and school Detail Reports include another change that impacts student achievement data for English Language Arts and Mathematics. With this change, if fewer than 95% of students take the standardized tests, non-participating students are counted as non-proficient (as if they had taken the tests and answered zero questions correctly). As a result, student achievement data for schools and districts with participation rates under 95% does not accurately reflect student performance.

Statewide, participation levels in state testing dropped dramatically after the 2015 Oregon Legislature passed legislation making it easier for parents to opt out of standardized testing for their students. For example, the participation rate at Baker High School for English Language Arts was 81% in 2017-18, negatively impacting their overall “meets” score by 13.5%. Superintendent Mark Witty noted, “This is the first year that the State has counted those that choose to opt out of state testing as if they had taken the test and failed. Changing the rules in this manner by state and federal agencies makes it very difficult for any district to compare true year to year progress.”


Superintendent Witty stated, “Our staff remains committed to providing a quality education for all students by balancing the work on core skill development in reading and mathematics with curriculum that is engaging  and tied to real world problems. It is critical to nourish curiosity and problem solving in our students as we prepare them for success in a future career.”

The new report cards are available at this link: