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Meetings Outline Business Opportunities

The District will be holding two business outreach information sessions: Tuesday, October 23,
2018 at 4 p.m. and Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 9 a.m. in the Baker High School commons,
2500 E St. The information sessions will be led by Wenaha Group, the District’s project manager
for the proposed bond project. Light refreshments will be provided.
The District is committed to engaging with local contractors and trades people, retailers, those in
the service industry and others if the bond measure is approved. These information sessions will
focus on how local businesses could provide services, materials and support to the bond
improvements and to identify local capabilities that could be incorporated into the design. The
District’s goal is to help local businesses plan ahead so that bond dollars could be spent locally
whenever possible.
In addition to traditional construction trades, the bond improvements could offer an opportunity
for many business sectors in Baker County to provide support such as:
● Hospitality and short-term rentals for visiting consultants and construction workers
● Restaurants, catering and groceries
● Building material and parts suppliers
● Automotive and equipment service and rental, including fuel and parts
● All types of retailers
● Signage and copies
The proposed bond projects would provide a significant financial investment in the Baker
community. In all, the bond improvements would total $52 million, incorporating $48 million in
bond proceeds and a $4 million grant from the Oregon Department of Education.
The District’s business outreach is intended to be non-political and will not include discussion
about the merits of the bond measure.